Media items

Part of my research investigating asteroid survivability and the Morokweng impact in South Africa was featured on the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2012 blogosphere in December 2012.

I was part of a student team investigating the Sudbury crater, one of the world’s largest craters, in Ontario, Canada. Apollo astronauts also visited this crater to learn about the impact cratering process. A mini-article about our visit was published on the NASA Lunar Science Institute website.

My research investigating the formation of the South Pole-Aitken basin, the largest impact structure on the Moon, was featured on the NASA Lunar Science Institute website in July 2012. This item also features videos of some of my basin-forming computer simulations.

With the help of my colleague I put together a series of impact cratering simulations for use in a teaching/classroom environment. The videos can be found here.

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